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Why Vedic Maths

Mathematics involves Thinking. Students try to learn whatever is taught to them in school but they find it difficult to solve a problem that is not taught to them. It's because, they are taught to Learn but not to Think. Every other subject dealt in the academics has some story or images that students can look, understand and learn. But Mathematics does not have anything of that sort. It requires a lot of imagination and visualization. More than anything else, it demands one to be a Thinker to excel in Mathematics. Hence, it calls for a different approach to teach Mathematics. This is exactly where Vedic Mathematics comes into the picture.

Vedic Mathematics is so lucid that children of any caliber can learn it with ease. Unlike the Mathematics that is taught in school which has only 'one way' to solve a particular problem, Vedic Mathematics shows different ways to solve the same problem. The techniques work in a fantastic way which appears to be magic at the first glance. This feeling of wonder creates an interest in the student. Once the interest is created, he starts looking at the subject with a feeling of fun more than boredom. As a result, the number of problems he practices goes up without saying. Since there are different ways, when he faces a problem, he observes the problem and immediately starts thinking on the different ways of solving it. His brain spontaneously chooses the easiest way and starts computation. Thus, two great habits - Observation and Thinking, are developed in the child. Soon, it becomes his habit to Observe, Think and Analyze when faced by any problem (not just in Mathematics).